Networking - Keeping You Connected

There is no doubt that our world is becoming more and more dependent on the use of the internet.

Everyday household items, work demands, human curiosity and even children’s toys require internet connectivity to work or perform at maximum benefit to our lifestyles.

Whether a hardwired or wireless network solution is required in your home, our team have extensive network experience and expertise to asses your needs and install a solution which ensures you have complete coverage throughout your home.

As with all of our installation work, we complete the installation in a way that minimises disturbance to your day and dependence on the internet and delivers a discreet yet powerful network for the entire household.

Create your perfect home environment – get in touch and speak to one of our design and installation experts!

Seamless Networking Solutions

The smooth running of any system relies on a seamless and robust network solution. Our team at Beacon Installations ensure the correct systems are installed each and every time so you can be assured you are experiencing the very best home network and Wi-Fi performance without disruptions.

We are proud to deliver a range of networking services including:

  • Wired and wireless network installations
  • Installation of fibre optic cabling for more demanding systems
  • Telecom installations
  • Network management and configuration
  • Network surveys

” The service Jeremy provides is a service we didn’t realise we needed until we were using it. We couldn’t be without it now! “