Experience Immersive Audio-Visual

With the ability to integrate your entire audio-visual system within your home, Beacon Installations establish a world of high-quality video and sound technology which provides a truly immersive experience for the whole family.

Impressively connecting your favourite music and TV services throughout your home with a multi-room audio and visual system, you can take control of your combined entertainment system with your mobile device or a dedicated wall-mounted touch panel.

Integrating your entire system ensures your satellite dish, TV, music source and speakers, input and control devices are seamlessly and effortlessly connected.

Create your perfect home environment – get in touch and speak to one of our design and installation experts!

Experience the Big Screen at Home

Have you ever wanted to bring the magic of the movies to your own home?

With combined audio-visual systems designed and installed by Beacon Installations, you can indulge in an authentic cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.

Creating the look and feel of a movie theatre, from the interior design to the installation of equipment with the latest high-resolution, HDR and immersive-sound technology, Beacon Installations bring the magic of the movies to your home as a timeless source of entertainment for you and all the family.

We love being creative and can transform a range of available spaces to deliver your own big screen. Able to sound-proof rooms situated in your garden, your own movie theatre experience awaits without taking over a room within the house.

” Jeremy was professional, efficient, clean and tidy. We would have no hesitation to use him again on a future project and would recommend him to anyone planning to carry out a network and/or media installation. “