Most installers settle for traditional copper cabling and that means so does the average building owner. Don’t settle. Fibre was designed for demanding security, access control, audio-visual and network installations, and it will ensure your system’s performance for years to come.

Performance, Cost, Reliability


It improves system reliability with a lower cost of ownership.
Fibre is immune to lightning strikes, static electricity, power surges and
interference, and fibre-based installations can easily be serviced in the field.

It goes the distance.
Fibre handles zero-latency signal transmission distances over 100m
(330ft.) without expensive boosters or extenders.

It handles the signals of today.
4K video requires up to 18G bandwidth, exceeding twisted pair cable’s
max capacity of 10G. Fiber easily supports native 4K content.

It handles the signals of tomorrow.
8K video requires up to 48G bandwidth, far exceeding the threshold of
twisted pair cable, and the number of bandwidth-hungry connected
devices continues to increase. Pulling fibre today ensures you’re
prepared for the technology of tomorrow.

It streamlines system implementation.
Fibre simultaneously supports audio, video, control and networking
signals. Wiring with a single cable costs less.

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